Homework for Mon Sep 26, 2016

Yep, the end of September…

OK, so we are moving on to Spokesperson – Chapter 12 in the text. Look in your workbooks for the Assignment on Page 22 of the graded workbook.

Basically the same things you did for the Announcer Chapter, but now you should have an easier time of working out the Who, What, When, Where, Why information.

Please be ready to go when called on. Have your file ready to play. Have your paperwork ready to turn in. Bring up your pencil!

Also, please review your 6W’s before coming up so that when I ask you about it, you will remember!

Found a new VO blog you need to check out

Michael Langsner (from his website text) “is a full-time voice-over talent and has lent his voice to TV, Radio, and Internet spots, E-Learning tutorials, Phone Systems,  Consumer Products, Promos, Trailers, and more for a variety of clients including Google, Amazon, Dell, Coca-Cola, VH1, and many, many others.”


Here is one that I ran across about finding the right people to market to. This is something we cover in class. If you were in a past class and are still reading this blog, this is a nice refresher for you!

The 5 Types of People you Should be Contacting when Marketing Yourself as a VO Talent…


Homework for Mon Sep 19, 2016

Chapter 11 in your textbook is where you will find the copy for your next recorded assignment – Announcer copy.

Please refer to pages 20 and 21 of your workbook for the detailed instructions on the recorded and written parts of the assignment.

Appreciate the reminder that I added the 6 W’s to this assignment! I have been waiting to introduce that in the next chapter, but realized that we were introducing it from the very beginning, and it is an important element in helping to understand the conversation going on in a piece of copy.

Developing who you are and who you are talking to may feel challenging in this assignment! But do try to be creative and find ways to be a real human being talking to another human being.

We’ll be going over this in much more detail as we play back your recordings on Monday and Wednesday.


Things to think about as you think about voiceover work – Loudness

You wouldn’t think that this would be an issue, but how loud or soft you speak can hinder your ability to do voiceover work, especially if you don’t know when you are speaking too loudly or too softly.

Yes, we use a microphone, so you don’t have to shout, but knowing how to work the mic to your advantage takes knowing how you are projecting.

Part 6 – Loudness

Ask yourself a couple of questions.

Do people ask you to speak up?

Do people hold the telephone away from their heads when you call them? Or back away from you during a face-to-face conversation?

Do they tell you to “shush” because everyone in the theater is glaring at you?

Well, then you need to give some thought to learning how to control your volume. No matter how clearly you articulate or how beautiful a voice you have, it is wasted if no one can hear you.

VO Radio Show Podcast Featuring Dan Hurst

My bilingual buddy, Dan Hurst, was interviewed by Australian voice guy Andrew Peters on the VO Radio Show . Also on the show is Andrew’s long time friend and cohort, audio engineer Darren Robertson. The VO Radio show features interviews with key players not just in VO but anything to do with studios and the voice. They also talk about tech stuff, VO tips and industry news.

Great information about Dan’s path to voiceover and advice for others about getting started. It also includes a long promo that both Andrew and Dan recorded to see how they would do the copy and then you will hear the final promo done by another VO friend, Australian Lofty Fulton.

They talk about bringing something extra to the table…either in their unique sound, but have the acting chops to participate in the creative process – when the time is right.


The link to all the shows: https://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/voradioshow


Interested in Audiobooks?

Here is a new article about audiobook written by Jim Moore whose profile says his blog (What If I’m Write) “is a give and take opinion blog devoted to sharing thoughts on the art of writing, audiobook production, books of interest, rants about the demise of the English language, the occasional pause for a great picture, and a general forum for nice, well-mannered people.”

This post if full of information about what it takes to do audiobooks from the point of view of an older retired person looking for something to do. Excellent commentary!

He details opportunities and obstacles…