Homework for Wed Aug 24, 2016

Please have your Student Questionnaire filled out to be turned in at the beginning of class.

Also due – Page 1 of your Workbook – Listening to Working Voice Talent.

Listening to other talent is an essential part of voiceover. You must learn to pick out the good from the not-so-good! For this exercise, listen to commercial demos. They are readily available online. Use the resource listed here or do an online search for Talent Agent and you will find voiceover demos on most Talent Agent websites these days. Listen to both genders, but for the grid, please use your gender.

www.voicebank.net  (Voice Over Talent Agency – then select Union or Non-Union)

Listen for several things and fill in the grid below for at least 5 demos.

  1. What is the pitch of the voice – high, medium, low
  2. The kind of voice on the demo – young, old, deep, rich, quirky (come up with a word or two)
  3. The acting ability and range – does the demo show variety? Does the voice artist sound like they can act or are they simply reading the words. Does it sound Good!
  4. The overall technical quality of the demo. Is it good, great, or not-so-good? Does the demo sound “real?” Like the samples on the demo have actually been produced for a paying client? Is it fresh? Does the music work? SFX believable?


Name of Talent
and Gender
Pitch Kind of Voice Acting Ability Range Quality of Demo

Not Good, Good, Great












Things to think about as you think about voiceover work – Listening!

One of the most important things in your path to voiceover greatness is learning how to listen.

Part 1 – Listening

Actually this is important in any aspect of your life. You need to listen more than you speak. But you need to learn to listen objectively! To yourself and to everything and anything around you. If you want to do commercials – listen to commercials. If you want to do a demo – listen to demos.

You need to be able to critically review what you are hearing and determine if it is good – or not as good. If you can’t make this determination on your own, you will be at a disadvantage in the voiceover business, as much of what we do is in a vacuum. We need to be able to decide when to hit the send button!

So start listening and critiquing. Start recording yourself and then playing it back and critiquing.

We will be doing a lot of this in class.


Beep Webisode – DB Cooper talks VO

My friend DB Cooper is a very talented voice actor who does a lot of video game voices. Here is an interview with her discussing her techniques in finding, creating and holding onto characters. As well as some insight into the process. Tips on breath control. The value of a good director. Listening to people talk to “steal” their accents/personalities.

Good stuff! Watch and then bring what you learn to class when we start doing characters!

Beep Webisode: DB Cooper from Ehtonal on Vimeo.

How to Stay In the VO Business

My dear friend Dan Hurst, a talented and successful voice talent wrote an article about how to stay in the voiceover business. This is assuming you have started and have been at least somewhat successful in the voiceover business – not the occasional part-timer or the “hobbiest.”

If you are just getting started, these are great words of wisdom…

He talks about building your business, delivering what you do well, revisiting your sound, being different, set the standard, be early, charge what you are worth.

Read the article for all the details.


City College Bookstore Hours for Beginning of Semester

For those of you taking a class this semester at San Diego City College. Here are the extended bookstore hours:

The City College Bookstore has extended hours at the beginning of each semester to better serve our students.

Week of August 8

Monday – Thursday         745am – 600pm

Friday                                  745am – 1200pm

Week of August 15

Monday – Thursday         745am – 630pm

Friday                                  745am – 1200pm

Saturday                            1000am to 200pm

Week of August 22

Monday – Thursday       745am – 800pm

Friday                                  745am – 200pm

Saturday                            1000am to 200pm

Week of August 29

Monday – Thursday       745am – 700pm

Friday                                  745am – 1200pm

Saturday                            1000am to 200pm


Know someone who wants to take my class?

This would be a good semester to let them know about the introduction to voice acting class – “Acting for Radio/Voiceover” at City College. We have lots of room in both sections. Enrollment has been low all across the college. The economy must be improving or people must have jobs!

That being said, if enrollments are too far below the caps, then the classes will be cut. My class has only been cut once and we really don’t want it to happen again.

The Fall class meets in the evenings. The Spring class meets in the daytime.

DRAM 67309 – Acting for Radio/Voiceover – 106

RTVF 52392 – Acting for Radio/Voiceover – 106

Here is the link to register >>> https://studentweb.sdccd.edu/index.cfm?action=registration