Homework for Wed Feb 22, 2017

Don’t forget – Monday, Feb. 20 is a Federal Holiday. There is no class.

Your homework for Wednesday, February 22, 2017 are Pages 9 and 10 of your Workbook.

Read the Script of Your Choice – AND – Evaluate Your Delivery

Please read through Chapter 5 before you do any recording of this – just to refresh yourself on what we have been discussing in class. If you missed class, then do read through Chapter 5.

If you have any questions, either post it here on the blog – or send me an email.

Little Girl Voice from Grown Woman

We will be doing character voices during the semester and discovering why it is not just having a funny voice. It is about the character living and breathing inside you – a fully fleshed out believable person, animal or object.

Cristina Milizia is a professional voice actor specializing in toys, games and mobile game apps. She is most well known for her three League of Legends champions, “Annie”, “Amumu”, and “Nunu the Yeti Rider”.

She is a real grown up person with a “regular” voice that, while higher in register, is fully mature. But she can find the child in her as well.

This clip shows her working on lines for some kind of interactive project. Listen for the back-to-back reads of the same line with different inflections. You will be doing this a lot in class.

Homework for Wed Feb 15, 2017

Please look at Page 8 of your Workbook – Copy Points.

As mentioned in class, this has been modified slightly due to the auditions we did today pushing out schedule a bit.

So, please do record it and listen to what you did – but we will not be playing it back in class. HOWEVER – be prepared to read it aloud in class “live” – much like we did today for the auditions.

SO – with that change – you will need to transcribe the J-19 spot onto a piece of paper and print it out. If you hand write it – remember – nice block printing – upper and lower case. Use pen for this so that if we mark on it, it will not erase. That being said, bring your pencil, so that we can start marking the script.

Additionally, I added Number 4 to the list of 3 Written things.

  1. Identify the Product (what are you selling) _______________________________
  2. Identify the Client (who makes the product) ______________________________
  1. What/Who is the Demographic (the Audience) for this spot? _________________


4. Write down or highlight the key messages (also known as Copy Points!)



Homework for Mon Feb 13, 2017

Please read the first three chapters of the Textbook – “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is.” It is the 3rd Edition – the blue and white book – not the 2nd Edition – the orange-ish book.

We will be discussing the book on Monday – with an assignment to follow after the discussion.

Additionally – as discussed in class, please do the Radio Feedback exercise again, but this time find little videos online – search Explainer Videos or White Board Videos or Website Marketing Videos. All should take you to the kind of project that has a voiceover. Try the assignment talking back to these videos and then update your responses to the questions. That is due to turn in on Monday.

ALSO! As promised, we will hold auditions for the JAZZ-88 car donation PSAs.

I will send out an email with a link to the scripts on Sunday night. I do not want to send them out too soon, or you will read them way too many times before Monday and lock in a read that will in all likelihood not be fresh.

There will be copies of the script(s) on the copy stand on Monday when you get here.

Only students registered in my class this semester will be allowed to do the audition.

Homework for Wed, Feb 8, 2017

Homework for Wednesday, February 8, 2017 is a listening and responding exercise. Listen to the radio and simply talk back to it – to the commercials mostly (this time anyway) – trying to repeat what you hear. In the ear – out the mouth.

See Page 19 in your Workbook for the instructions. If you still do not have the workbook, email me personally and I will send you that page. But after this week, you need to have the workbook.

You will not be able to say every word. At least not at first. Some of you may come close to being able to parrot back what you hear. But the point is to start hearing when you intentionally change the pace and inflection of the words.




The business of Voiceover – Would You Survive the Shark Tank”

If you have not already done so, I would suggest signing up for Paul Strikwerda’s Blog. He is a working voice talent and pumps out some valuable tips for aspiring (and working) voice talent.

This one is called – “Would You Survive the Shark Tank”

Here is the opening of the article. Please take a few minutes and read the entire article.

Three years ago, two aspiring voice-overs took the plunge, and opened up shop.

One was incredibly talented, undisciplined, and thought he always knew best. The other one wasn’t as good, but she was business-savvy, and listened to feedback.

36 months later, number one is now an Uber-driver, entertaining his clients with celebrity impressions. Number two is starting to make a living… as a voice talent.

What went wrong, and what went right? Was it a matter of luck, attitude, or preparation?

Simply put, it takes more than talent to make it as a freelancer, no matter what field you pick. Way more. Let’s explore.

Homework for Mon Feb 6, 2017

Big bunch of homework for Monday! But most of you have done at least one of them already.

  1. Fill out your Student Questionnaire as described in class and be ready to say hello to everyone for about a minute. During that time, I will listen to your voice and see if I hear anything that needs to be addressed.
  2. Finish filling out the Listen to Working Voice Talent grid (Page 1 from the workbook)
  3. Finish filling out the Where Do You Hear Voiceover Artists? (Page 2 of your workbook) Remember – we discussed 4 of them in class today, so you should only have to come up with 8 more distinct kinds of voiceover work.
  4. Follow the instructions on pages 5 and 6 of your workbook – Describe Your Voice – just the top line “Self Eval.” You will be paired with someone from class to do the Team Eval.

Any questions, drop me an email.