Extra Credit Assignment Due Mon Oct 31, 2016

Just a word to this year’s class about over intellectualizing EVERYTHING! Please try to have more fun and let your goofy side emerge.

For those who want to pick up a point of Extra Credit, please do the Assignment on Pages 26 and 27 of your Workbook and turn it in on Monday, October 31, 2016. I do not need to hear the recording, but I do expect you to read it aloud!

There is a word missing from this copy. This happens a LOT! Missing words. Incorrect words. Misspelled words. You have to understand what the words mean overall so that you can figure out that there is a problem.

Once you determine that there is a problem, then you can go to the client and discuss it with them, but let’s see if you can figure out how to fix this one.


Another Home Run from Edge Studio – Bring Convoluted Copy to Life

One of the things you will face as a voice talent is copy written by the person who writes the annual report or the company white papers. These sentences are for the eye and not for the ear. However, if you truly try to understand the meaning of these complex sentences, you can begin to find the logic and flow. Figure out where to take the beats.

As we have discussed since the beginning of the semester, you need to figure out the key message(s). Once you know that, you can see how the rest of the words support or enhance this main point.

Read this article from Edge Studio carefully for a detailed way of looking at this kind of convoluted copy. A little later in the semester, we will be tackling longer form non-broadcast corporate work that frequently can be written this way.


Natural Breathing – Audiobook Tip

A couple of years ago, I took an audiobook class taught by Pat Fraley and Scott Brick. Lots of great information and time on mic. If you decide that you might have what it takes to do the marathon that is an audiobook, you might want to take this class the next time it comes to your town.

Here is a clip from Pat that talks specifically about how to reduce “slash” breathing. Those quick loud little gasps of air that happen because we are not breathing naturally.

Homework for Mon Oct 24, 2016

Today you turned in your Trial by TV exercise and for some of you, you found the beginnings of a character.

In class we worked on fleshing out a character (perhaps the character that you began to find in the Trial by TV exercise – perhaps a different character) using an image you brought into class.

For Monday, October 24, you have 2 things due.

1. If you missed class, either because you didn’t have your image with you, or you simply were not in class, you have until Monday to finish up this exercise. Use Pages 36 and 37 in your Workbook to detail your character. Turn these two pages in on Monday along with your image. (You will NOT lose any credit if you turn this in on Monday.)

If the image you selected and brought to class didn’t work for you, you are welcome to pick out another image! Use one of the ones I posted last week if needed. (Scroll down.)

In class we worked on using that character (or a slight tweak to that character) to read the copy on page 153 of your textbook. Sparkle Oh! the Oven. Continue to polish the character you started using the original image and the script from that commercial.

2. The second part of the assignment is on Pages 32 and 33 of the Workbook.

Pick one of the spots from Chapter 14 of your Textbook – Commercial Characters – and have that ready for playback in class. If you do not feel that you have more than one character in you, then adapt the character you created today into something that will work for one of the scripts (other than the Sparkle Oh! spot).

Read them all and HAVE FUN!

Please read the instructions – basically you are doing everything that we have been doing, but this time you will be naming, describing and detailing the character you will be using in the spot you select.




Homework for Wed Oct 19, 2016

Continue to listen to Cartoons, Animated Features and Video Games (if you play them).

We will finish up with the Mid-Term assignment on Monday.

Your recorded homework assignment for Wednesday, October 19 is the Trial by TV exercise on Page 19 of your Workbook.

You will also be bringing in a picture that we will create a character voice for during class. I am including a couple of pictures here to give you an idea, but it can be anything that you would like to create a voice for.

As an actor, you will create voices by either seeing a picture of the character you will be voicing or you reading a description of what the voice should sound like (accent, age, education, attitude, etc.). Sometimes if you are just playing around trying to create a voice to add to your database of voices, you will hear something that will trigger a voice (this is what I hope happens to you during the Trial by TV exercise). Then, when  you do see a picture or read a description, you can pull out that basic voice and modify it to be more “Violin Kid,” or “Goofy Apple.”

Sound Conversational with Bob Bergen

Listening to Bob Bergen doing a live presentation on his program called “Ask the Pig.”

Talking about sounding conversational. Stop being a person in front of a microphone! You will get into voiceover mode. He says, the moment you start record, you slip away from your natural voice.

Be authentic and real. Stop adding unecessary emphasis to the words.

Why do celebrity actors get the jobs  – they are so comfortable with themselves – they deliver the copy as themselves – not what they think they should be.

We all have different sides of our personalities – find them. Don’t just read.

And don’t expect to do this overnight. It takes time to figure it out. He agrees with the advice to talk to one person. Have a conversation with one person. There is a relationship. Don’t let on that you are in your booth. Just what we talk about in class. Put yourself somewhere that connects you with the copy.


Mid-Term Homework for Wed Oct 12, 2016

Your Mid-Term Assignment is due on Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

If you missed class last night, you will need to read the assignment on Page 38 of your Workbook very carefully.

Any questions, please drop me an email or post it here on the blog and I will answer it as best as I can.

We will be going over the assignment again in class this Wednesday and again on Monday the 10th.

But don’t wait until the last minute to start the project!