Breathing Exercises for Voice Talent

1. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. Exhale slowly through the mouth. Repeat.

2. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. Exhale slowly making the sound “ahhhh”. USE YOUR DIAPHRAGM

3. Inhale deeply. Exhale in short explosive bursts (huh! huh! huh! huh!).

4. Inhale slowly and count aloud clearly enunciating each number until you run out of breath. This is also a good warm-up exercise for your articulators.

5. Read the following sentence as many times as you can on one breath. This sentence is filled with words that use air.

He hid at home and sobbed when his sister seized
whatever he had on top in the thin five-shelved closet.

6. Take a deep breath and see how far you can read through this grouping of words. Make sure you are making each of the words come alive as you say them. Don’t just race through them — interpret!

Collecting and projecting, 
receding and speeding 
and shocking and rocking 
and darting and parting 
and treading and spreading 
and whizzing and hissing 
and dripping and skipping 
and hitting and splitting 
and shining and twining 
and rattling and battling 
and shaking and quaking 
and pouring and roaring 
and waving and raving 
and flowing and going 
and heaving and cleaving 
and foaming and roaming 
and moaning and groaning 
and dropping and hopping 

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