Roofers are not compatible with recording sessions…

Across the alley neighbor is getting his roof replaced – down to new wood. Just another problem the independent voiceover person must face – sometimes it just isn’t possible to record!

In my studio, I can’t record when it rains. Luckily we don’t get a lot of rain. Although that is another problem, of course, lack of rain – and water rationing. And Friday is trash day so there is a brief period of time when I can’t record as the trash trucks come down the alley. Oh, and once a week the apartment across the alley has their dumpster emptied. And every day like clockwork a little old lady driving a noisy VW Bug comes home, idles, opens the garage door, drives in and then closes the garage door. Every other week, the lawn next door is mowed. Some days I have to put the hose on power stream and try to scare away the black birds. But rarely. So all in all, my space is relatively peaceful most of the time. And since I don’t have set hours, I can work around these minor noise issues.

I think it is quittn’ time and I’ll be able to finish the project that I started recording during the roofer’s lunch hour today. And they are not done by a long shot – so perhaps 3 days of first scraping, then cutting and replacing wood and then finally using some sort of nail gun or staple gun to get the shingles down. So no cocktail hour for me tonight! Got to get back in the booth and finish up 56 names, addresses and phone numbers of lawyers for an IVR system I do every month.


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