Acting for Radio/Voiceover 106 (DRA / RTV) is in the Evening this Fall 09!

For the first time, we will be offering the popular Acting for Radio/Voiceover 106 class (through Radio/TV or Drama) in the evening on Monday and Wednesdays starting at 6PM and running to 8:30PM.

This is an excellent chance for those with day jobs to see what the voiceover business is all about in this 16-week introductory class. Get a complete overview of what kind of work is out there. Learn valuable and necessary self-evaluation techniques. Understand the 4 Key Elements of the successful voiceover talent (Talent, Technology, Business and Marketing). It also includes lots of reading, recording and critique.

I’ve been teaching this class since 1999 and each semester it evolves as technology changes and as the class dynamics dictate. But by the end of the semester, you should have a true understanding of the business, if you might fit in the business and a practical idea of what you need to do next.

Hope to see you there!


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