Homework for Mon., Sept. 21, 2009

We got through some of the Chapter 14 recording assignments, but I will really need to focus on Monday to get them finished up!

Reading Assignment: Read the first nine (yes, 9) chapters in the text. It will be fast reading, and covers a lot of what we have already talked about (and will be talking about), but in more detail.

Watching Assignment: Start watching TV Commercials – you will eventually need to fill out and turn in the TV Commercial Grid in your workbook. Not for Monday, but for Wednesday, the 23rd. (Did I say the 23rd??)

I recommend recording several commercial breaks so that you can play them back if you need to in order to write down the details. You can just record the audio using your homework recorder, or use TIVO or another digital video recorder if you have that – or even VCR. You will need to to this later on in the semester, so it would be a good idea to get used to doing this!


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