So – You Think You’re Going to Make a Living Doing Commercials?

Interesting article about the declining number of radio and TV commercials being produced. This one is heavily from the Union Actor point of view, but still the trend is real.

“The economic downturn has affected just about every sector of the national workforce. Commercial and voiceover actors have not been immune. Though many in the industry—from performers to their union representatives—say it’s tough to gauge exactly how many people are having a hard time finding commercial and voiceover gigs these days, all agree that things seem slow and that advertising spending is in flux.”


2 thoughts on “So – You Think You’re Going to Make a Living Doing Commercials?

  1. I blogged about this a few weeks ago myself… the interesting thing is that there was no mention of the other aspects of voice over which are currently seeing a dramatic increase. Industrial narration, in particular is really seeing a boom.

    While the article in Backstage concentrates on commercial voice over, my perception was that as a voice actor, you can’t be a one trick pony (barring those who are true masters of their domain; Don LaFontaine comes to mind). Much as with the stock market you have to diversify your talents so that a dearth in one market of voice over does not have as large an impact to your overall income, and that you’re able to respond to the changes in the market (commercial voice over goes down, but if the audio book market is hot you can move your concentration to that area until things go back to normal for you).



    • Greg – you are absolutely right. I posted this for my class because we are just starting to work on commercials. But each week I bring in the copy I record and discuss the variety necessary to keep the mortgage paid.


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