Homework for Wed., Oct. 28, 2009

Only two more recorded assignments to go (well, except for your final project).

Reading Assignment: Read Chapter 16 – Industrial Narrations. Determine which of the following “scripts” in the chapter is most suited for your voice. Record that and have it ready for playback in class.

  • Quality Hospital
  • Workerbee Company
  • Nature Series
  • Pride Corporation

Read all of the scripts in the chapter of course – as you have with the previous chapters. But only select one of these 4 for playback in class.

While you do not have to fill out a character description for this assignment, you still need to give thought to who you speaking to in order to figure out some sort of relationship. You need to know the level of interest the audience might have to what you will be saying. You need to know their level of understanding of the subject matter. Sometimes you are an expert talking to other experts. Sometimes you are talking peer to peer. Sometimes boss to subordinate. Sometimes, as in mainstream documentaries, you have a much broader demographic.

Written Assignment: Fill in the Grid on Page 2 of your Workbook – “Where Do You Hear Voiceover Artists?” Think about what you hear every day as you go about your daily routine. You hear voices everywhere these days and most of the time it is paid work. Additionally, think about who might be seeking the talent and those who might be paying the bills.


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