First Part of Final Project Assigned

For those of you who missed the class last week when we went over the First Part of the Final Project.

Please refer to Page 20 of your Workbook for the details.

In preparation for your final project, you will select 12 potential spots for possible development into a hypothetical commercial demo. If you have a specific immediate need to develop material for a different kind of demo, please see me to discuss it.

Select 12 tear sheets, transcribed copy, or commercial copy from another source that would be suitable and appropriate for your voice. You may write your own copy if you know that you are capable of created realistic professional copy. You must submit 12 different pieces of material for consideration. You will be marked down if you submit fewer than 12.

Develop a grid that includes the following for each potential spot…I will explain each of these items during class. Do this for 12 potential spots! If you miss class, you will need to confer with your classmates.

This is an example of the kind of grid you can create – either horizontally or vertically – and either electronically (use Tables) or hand drawn.

Hero Subject/Product Pacing Attitude Point of View Extras?





























































Your goal for this part of your Final Project is to find 12 pieces of potential copy that will offer you a VARIETY of each of the items in the above grid. You want variety in product or subject – variety in pacing, variety in attitude, POV (Announcer/Spokes/Real) and music and/or sound effects.

I will discuss this grid with each of you privately. Our goal during this meeting is to end up with six (6) spots for your final project. (See separate instructions in workbook.) 


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