Once again: It takes MORE than talent

If you learn one thing from taking a voiceover workshop or class, it should be that having a great voice and even great talent is not enough to make it in this business. Search back through the posts here (and on my regular VO Blog – isdnvoicetalent) for more on that, but I was reminded of this mantra again today when VoiceoverXtra arrived in my Inbox.

Jennifer Vaughn wrote a great article detailing the OTHER skills you need to make it. We call it “Type A” personalities.

She includes a list of personality traits that are important for success…do you have these attributes?

  • quick study,
  • flexible,
  • self motivated,
  • ambitious,
  • goal oriented,
  • work ethic or work-a-holic mentality,
  • overly competitive,
  • creative thinker,
  • multi-tasker,
  • strong/deep desire to achieve,
  • firm demeanor (you’re not seen as a pushover).

Read Jennifer’s whole article here: http://www.voiceoverxtra.com/article.htm?id=zqadabt2


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