Homework for Wed Feb. 17, 2010

Several things to do over the holiday for your homework assignment.

  1. Fill out the TV Commercial Grid (see page 7 or your workbook)
  2. Fill out the Radio Commercial Grid (see page 8 of your workbook)

As I understand it, the bookstore may be out of the workbooks at the present time? If you do NOT have a workbook yet, please make your own grid to make notes. Here are the things you need to listen for…

Product Station /Channel M/F Local /National Voice Quality Attitude

Reading Assignment: Chapters 11 and 12 – Announcer and Spokesperson – read aloud – record the scripts for your own practice.

Recording Assignment: Pick ONE for either Chapter 11 or 12 to have ready for playback in class.

Writing Assignment:

  1. Transcribe the spot you select to read onto a separate piece of paper – please remember to double space so that you can mark the copy
  2. Highlight the copy points/key messages in a colored highlighter
  3. Using pencil – begin to develop you own personal markings to help you deliver the words the way you want them to be delivered
  4. On another piece of paper (or under or above the transcribed script), please note the following:
    • What kind of spot it is – Announcer or Spokesperson (if it is spokesperson, tell me what “level” – Boss, Employee or Customer
    • The Hero Client and/or Product

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