Gearing up for Fall

I’ve been getting phone calls and emails letting me know that the class is already full – in fact it filled up within minutes of registration opening apparently. So sorry if you were not able to register this semester. I can only take so many people in a performance class – just enough so that everyone gets a chance to be heard and critiqued for each assignment.

We have a lot to do each semester – a combination of in class work and reading and recording outside of class. So your 5 hours per week in class need to be supplemented by several hours outside of class.

Attendance is critical to a performance class, so if you know that your job or a vacation is going to take you away for more than 3 days, you should consider dropping now and letting someone else have your seat.

If you miss the first day of class, you will be dropped and someone on the Wait list will be given your seat.

Please show up early – it is easier to park in the evenings, but who knows what special event is happening. And download the campus map so that you can find the classroom without being late.

We have a lot to cover in the class and we get started right away.

Start listening now to everything and anything voiceover related!


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