Plan for Chaos the First Day of Classes

OK – be forwarned! The parking situation at City College is extremely bad. There is construction starting on some major projects and there will be noise and parking issues for the next 2 years.  Parking permits are now required in all parking lots. Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. The only saving grace is that it is usually easier to park in the evening and parking meters stop taking money at 6PM.

Get a map of the college and get familiar with your parking options….this is the latest information on parking lots.

PARKING LOT # STATUS  LOCATION        Last Updated: 8.20.10
CTC Parking Structure Open• Student • Faculty

• Fuel Efficient Car

In new Career Technology Center (V-bldg) at 16th and C Streets:Enter parking structure off of C Street on 17th Street
#1 Open• Staff Russ Blvd. & 16th Street behind T-Bldg
#2 Open*• Student • Disabled 16th Street, near former TM classrooms, across from Garfield High School* During the removal of the TM classrooms this month, Lot #2 will be impacted.
#3 Open• Student Russ Blvd. and  16th Street at Garfield High School
#5 Open• Student 16th Street and C Street; Child Development Center
#6 Closed for construction Behind former Cosmetology Bldg along 16th Street
#7A Closed for construction On side of former Cosmetology Bldg along C Street
#7 Closed for construction Near the Saville Theatre and C-Bldg along C Street
#8 Open. •Student  • Staff Behind the LRC/Library R-Bldg
#10 Open Along Russ Blvd off of Park Blvd.; Visitor’s Lot
Balboa Stadium  Open• Student At end of Russ Blvd and 16th Street
Inspiration Point   Open
No Shuttle Service
At Park Blvd and President’s Way, short walk from campus

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