Homework for Wed., Sept. 15, 2010

You can get started on the Homework for Monday, September 20 if you wish. We will be starting to playback what you recorded this past weekend on Wednesday, the 15th.

The homework for this coming weekend is to Read Chapter 12, Spokesperson and pick one spot from that chapter for playback in class. Please follow the instructions on page 17 of your workbook for the written assignment.

HOWEVER – and this may be a bit confusing…because of the amount of work I want to get through this semester, you will only be playing back ONE from Chapter 11 or Chapter 12 over the next 3 classes.

I want the Written work for both Chapter 11 and Chapter 12, but due to time contraints, we will only be playing back one of the assignments in class for critique.

SO – that means if you wait until Monday to have Chapter 12 completed, you will have a choice between the two assignments. If you do not do Chapter 12 for this coming Wednesday, Sept. 15th, and you get called on in class then you will be playing back the script from Chapter 11. So if you want a choice, then do the homework tonight (Tuesday) for class tomorrow (Wednesday).

NOTE: Regarding Chapter 12’s scripts:

  • If you do Googles Eyes, then you need to record Spectacles too – do both of them
  • Do not do Body Wise

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