Homework for Mon., Oct. 4, 2010

Ran out of time today – so I rearranged the assignments – so that you can get some direction on characters by reading the Character Chapter before you do the more complicated assignment. This may work better actually.

You can refer to pages 23-24 in the workbook to help you fill out the grid on page 25.

Recording Homework – Character Pick – Page 25 from workbook and Chapter 14 – Characters. Please read the suggested approaches and have FUN! Find some strong voices – accents – wildly interesting attitudes. Read and record them all, then pick one for playback in class. Follow the directions on page 25 of the workbook. Some of the assignment is familiar – it has been what we have been doing. But the WHO is different – because you are building a character.

Again, do the best you can filling out the grid on page 25, but you can use the descriptions on pages 23 and 24 from the other assignment to help you. We will get to this assignment next, but I simply got so into the last assignment (Real Person), we ran out of time!

Cartoon Grid is due on Wednesday because I can’t remember if I was clear about when it was due. So you have some more time to watch cartoons.

Trial by TV assignment is due on Monday.

There are several ways to come up with a character – using the script and director descriptions to come up with an accent, a character, a wild personality. You can use a picture/sketch. Or you can use a voice/sound you heard somewhere – perhaps something you came up with during the Trial by TV or the voice of someone you know or heard somewhere. I was at a restaurant once and overheard a conversation about fried chicken that was the basis for a slightly addled under educated woman voice.


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