Homework for Mon., Nov. 15, 2010

We only have about a month left in the semester, so we start now on the business part of the business. The next few weeks we will be talking about marketing, agents, unions, negotiating, technology, bookkeeping, etc. And we’ll be working on the final project.

Homework for Monday is to do the Audio Book Exercise on Page 28 of the workbook.

Additionally, turn in the IVR/Voicemail Grid you have been working on. If you do not remember what that assignment is, please refer to Page 13.

Plan for your private meetings for the prep for the Final Project on Monday, November 29. You have the week of Thanksgiving to help you find the 12 tear sheets and/or other samples to use for the grid – see the instructions on Page 29 for more information about that.

Just remember to make a larger grid please! The one in the workbook is just to show you the format.


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