Homework for Wed., Jan. 26, 2011

OK – roll up your sleeves, loosen up and get ready to record – well, OK, this week, you are basically listening, but you will be recording this weekend!

For Wednesday, fill out the Student Questionnaire that you received in class.

Also for Wednesday, do the first assignment in the Workbook – on page 1. “Listen to Working Voice Talent”

Your first graded assignment is a listening exercise is to listen to voice talent demos. They are readily available online. Use one of the resources listed here or find other places to listen to demos – for example – do a search for Talent Agent and you will find demos on most Talent Agent websites these days. Listen to both genders.



Listen for several things and fill in the grid below for at least 5 demos.

The overall technical quality of the demo. Is it good, great, or not so good? Does the demo sound “real?” Like the samples on the demo have actually been produced for a paying client?

  1. The kind of voice on the demo – young, old, deep, rich, quirky
  2. What is the pitch of the voice – high, medium, low
  3. The acting ability and range – does the voice artist sound like they can act or are they simply reading the words and is there variety in the samples?

The workbook includes a grid – but in case you need to create a grid, these are the headers for the 5 columns of the grid

  • Name of Talent and Gender  
  • Pitch
  • Kind of Voice          
  • Acting Ability – Range       
  • Quality of Demo – Not Good, Good, Great

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