Homework for Mon. Feb 14, 2011

We are moving on to Chapter 11 of the text book. Please read Chapter 10 and 11 – reading aloud and recording the sample scripts from the book. Then pick ONE from Chapter 11 to polish and record for playback in class. Do NOT pick one from Chapter 10 – the scripts are too short for our purposes in class.

The assignment is spelled out on page 16 of the Workbook. Please follow the instructions – but PLEASE NOTE – since we discussed the 6 W’s in class today in detail and did an exercise to help you understand the concept, INCLUDE THE 6 W’S as an additional writing assignment.

If you want to see this part of the assigment spelled out – turn to the next page – page 17 – where it is spelled out clearly.

So, to recap what we discussed in class today…

  • When writing the 6 W’s, I want you to use the bullets. A paragraph of prose makes it very hard for me to see that you have all the W’s covered. So follow the format on page 17 of the workbook to see what I am talking about. Obviously you will need to type or write these things on a separate piece of paper and NOT on page 17 – that is for your next assignment.
  • Please put down more than one or two words for each W, but I also do not need three paragraphs for each W.
  • Humor is fine – I love to see good funny writing – but be sure to make the writing relevant to the commercial you are doing. Focus on what you learned while doing the first part of the writing assignment to help you develop the 6 W’s. 

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