Homework for Monday, Mar 21, 2011

Hope you all found an image from the stack of cartoons I brought to class today. As I mentioned, if you want to use a cartoon image of your own choosing, that is fine. The biggest thing I am looking for is a voice that is VERY different from your own natural voice. A voice that takes lets your conscious brain sit in the background and listen to the other voice take over.

The instructions are in your workbook and are VERY detailed. It includes two writing assignments and two recording assignments.

The assignment starts on Page 23 and runs through 25.

Develop a “voice” and personality for the picture you selected. Fill in page 23 and 24. Page 25 has the two recording and the other writing assignment detailed.

The first recording assignment is to record yourself reading/speaking as your character. See Page 25 for details.

The other writing assignment is to “evolve” your character into a toaster in order to read the script on page 114 of the textbook. Please refer to the questions on Page 25 of the workbook to see what you should be answering for this writing assignment – basically I want to know what the toaster looks like (is it beat up, sparkling clean, frayed cord, that sort of thing) and a bit about the kitchen where this toaster lives. Tell me the gender if the refrigerator and the relationship between the toaster and the refrigerator. Think creativly.

Then record the script on page 114 (it is the indented paragraph). It is not a commercial, so you don’t have to worry about the time. Don’t change the main words in the script. However, you may add utterances that would be something your character would say. Or change the grammer if it fits the character. Remember the sub text – what are the intentions under the words the toaster is saying.

But most of all – have fun!


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