Homework for Monday, April 4, 2011

What!!! April already?!?

We are moving forward to long form and other kinds of voiceover work outside of the ubiquitous radio and TV spot and the all too familiar cartoons and animation.

This is the largest and most diverse area of voiceovers. Think back to one of your first assignments – Where Do You Hear Voice Talent? Go back over that list and really start to listen again for voices voices voices – everywhere.

Your watching assignment for the next few days is Documentaries. You will be filling in the grid on Page 11 of your Workbook. That is due on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

For Monday, April 4, 2011 – you have Reading and Recording Homework – all of this is detailed on Page 28 of your Workbook. The reading is from the Textbook – Chapters 16 and 17. But use Page 28 of the Workbook for the recording part of the assignment.

Watch documentaries, how-to shows, other shows with a primary narrator. You will also be filling out the narration grid in the next week or so – so think about any training videos or interactive training that you have seen. Have you ever done a software tutorial? Did you watch an employee orientation or benefits video? Cruise the net and look at company marketing multimedia pieces.  All of these need voiceover. 

Here is the information on the assignment:

Moving on to documentary, marketing, training – and other forms or voiceover work. From Chapter 16 (Narration) or 17 (Multimedia) – select one piece to record and have ready for playback in class. As usual – read all of the exercises aloud before deciding which to select for playback in class.

Do not record any of the following from these two chapters as we will touch on them separately.

–          The Company Voicemail script from Chapter 16

–          Good vs. Evil (these next 4 are from Chapter 17)

–          Math Fun

–          Letter Round Up

–          Wedding Daze

The remaining selections provide a variety of typical long form work – documentary, informational, employee communication piece, corporate rah-rah, video games, etc.

NOTE: If you select Happy Homes Realty, record the “testimonial” for your particular gender AND the narration piece. The two sections require a different mindset – and will require different “Who are you?” descriptions.

There are two parts to the Written homework.

  1. Develop just the two Who’s this time – you need to know your relationship with the audience. Are you a peer? How does the audience feel about the subject matter you are presenting? Are you introducing a new concept to experts or explaining something new to the uninitiated.
  2. A short self-evaluation of what you recorded and why. Answer these questions

    – Why did you select this particular script? This gets back to your need to be able to evaluate where you might fit in this business.
    – Of the possible scripts – which did you like the least and why


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