Listening Exercise Grids – Due Dates!

For those of you who were absent on Monday, we spent the entire time watching Non-broadcast, training, marketing, employee communication, informational and even a documentary. So the people who were there got a bit of a leg up on the Marketing/Training/Narration Grid. So, you will need to do some more research for this assignment.

Documentary Grid – Due April 6, 2011 (Page 11 of Workbook)
Marketing, Training, Communication – Non-Broadcast Grid – Due April 11, 2011
Voicemail/IVR Grid – Due April 13th

So continue remembering any employee video you have seen during the course of your work. Or look for company videos on websites. Listen and watch software training. All of these things go on your Marketing/Training Grid.

And call the bank, the airlines, the credit card company – listen to the voicemail and interactive voice response systems for the IVR Grid.


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