Homework for Wed. April 13, 2011

You will be turning in your Voicemail/IVR Grid on Wednesday.

Additionally, the recording homework is to select a book (a work of fiction or a non-fiction book) and record for AT LEAST 20 minutes – and then fill in the answers to the questions onPage 29 of your Workbook. Look at the Index for Audio Bood Exercise.

As we discussed in class, find a book that is interesting to you. Something that you can wrap your head and mouth around. Some of you may be able to do a broad range of “voices” for a novel with lots of people. Some of you may want to find something with fewer voices, or perhaps a non-fiction book with a single voice. Try to find something written in a style that flows off your tongue easily. Some books are a real bear to read – and why make yourself crazy as you are experimenting to see if you have the stamina to work your way through a book reading aloud.


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