Homework for Wed., Aug 24, 2011

You should all have the assignments for Wednesday (well, ‘cept for the couple of people who were not in class and told me they were going to be absent).

To recap – fill out the Student Questionnaire you received and have that ready for Wednesday.

Additionally, you are to listen to demos – I showed you two websites that have tons of “demos.” Voice123 has good and not so good demos – as anyone with around $300 and a USB mic can put up a searchable profile and start auditioning for projects. The other site – Voicebank.net – is more consistently professional. The only way talent can be listed on this site is if their agents have paid a fee to be listed. So, the expectation is that you will hear better demos.

Please fill out the grid on the first page of your graded workbook. “Listen to Voice Talent.” If you do not have a workbook yet, I will try to get new copies printed up as soon as possible. In the meantime, for this assignment, all you have to do is create a 5 X 5 column/row table and tell me the following information for (at Least) 5 voice demos.

Name and gender, Pitch, Voice Quality, Do they have acting skills, Did you think the demo was good, not so good, great?

Pitch would be things like deep, low, tenor, high, mid-range

Voice Quality would be things like raspy, quirky, smooth like butter. If there is an accent, comment on that.

And then see if you can hear the acting skills in the demo. Or are they a one trick pony.

And finally did you think it was a good demo or a not so good demo – why?


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