Homework for Wed. Sept. 21, 2011

We will continue with the playback of the Announcer/Spokesperson assignment.

You homework for Wednesday is an Extra Credit assignment. Please refer to page 19 of your workbook for the assignment. This is worth 1 point. Some of you already need the extra credit. All of you need the practice.

Extra Credit Assignment: Practice Your Delivery

 “Think about the most important things you look for in a place to call home.”

Start your recorder and read the sentence above three times in a row. Each time you say the sentence, bring out more meaning. Don’t stop and think about it between each read. Let your brain work its magic. This is an important skill to have in the voiceover business because you will frequently be asked to do ABC reads or “groups of 3.” You need to be able to provide the producer with options within the tone and general pace you have established.

As you play back what you have just recorded, listen carefully to see what kind of team you and your brain made. Here are some things you might be hearing.

  1. You may not hear much difference at all. Is that the case for you? If so, try the exercise again. This time see right through the words deep into the meaning of the words. Did you hear a difference in the delivery?
  1. You may hear that certain words are said a bit more strongly than others. What words popped out at you? This may vary with each of the three reads – and probably should!
  1. If a different word is stressed each time, does the stress sound natural or forced?
  1. Did the pacing of the words vary? By that I mean, did you insert pauses in the delivery, or did you stretch out certain words?
  1. Do you like the delivery of one of the reads more than the others? If so, can you figure out why it sounds better?
  1. Did the meaning or intent of the words become clearer as you moved from the first read to the third?

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