Homework for Wed., Oct. 26, 2011

Read Chapters 16 and 17 in your text. Your recording assignment is due on Monday, Oct. 31, 2011.

Pick one of the following scripts from these two chapters to record for playback beginning on Monday the 31st. (Please note that there are a few scripts in these two chapters that I do NOT want you to record at this time.)

  • Quality Hospital (page 139) – probably more for females than males. This is an Informational script.
  • Workerbee Company (page 140) – typical required training for new employees
  • Nature Series (page 141) – a quasi-educational informational documentary style script.
  • Syber Deluxe 3000 (page 143-144) – typical infomercial script.
  • Happy Homes Realty (page 144-145) This script would most likely be done by three separate people. If you choose to do this one, you will need to pick the male or female “real person” part of the script and do the Announcer part as well – with completely different voice styles.
  • Pride Corporation (page 146) – another area where there is a lot of work – rah rah corporate pieces – either for internal or external audiences.
  • JUSTCOOL LX 2000 (page 155) – there are many scripts filled with highly technical jargon for very specific audiences. You have to get your head wrapped around something you know nothing about. This is one example.
  • Software Orientation (page 157) – a typical training script that requires a lot of “seeing” the process unfold.

The rest of the scripts in the two chapters require some different skill sets, so we will cover them later. Concatenated voice mail and interactive games and training, and audio books for example.

The Written Assignment that goes with the Recorded Assignment is detailed on Page 29 of your Workbook.


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