Homework for Wed., Feb. 22, 2012

Don’t forget, no class on Monday, Feb. 20.

OK, most of you were in class this past Wednesday, so you had the assignment in class. For those who weren’t and those who need to see it again, here you go.

You will be reading Chapters 11 and 12 word by word and practicing all of the exercises. Polish ONE from each chapter and do the Recording and Written assignments as described on Pages 18 and 19 of your Workbook.

WITH THE FOLLOWING ADDITION TO PAGE 18! Please do the 6 W’s for this page as well as on page 19. Please refer to the instructions on Page 19.

Once you have recorded the Announcer spot and the Spokesperson spot – and completed the Written Assignment for both – PICK ONE for Playback in class.

OK – to repeat – please refer to the instructions on Page 19 on how to BUILD THE CHARACTER using the 6 W technique as described in your text book and restated here on page 19 of your workbook.


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