Homework for Wed., Feb 29, 2012

Hey, we just had an extra day! 29 days in February this year. Why do I feel like I need that extra day…

OK, your homework for tomorrow.

We move on to Real Person reads and continue developing the Six W’s. Real person reads are not beating your listener over the head with a sales pitch. While there may be some mention of the hero client or product, the overall approach is to paint a picture of something to motivate someone to think about something, rather than get up off their butts and go buy something. Now, they ARE commercials, so product is ultimately going to be sold, but perhaps not by YOU. There may be an announcer tag at the end that closes the deal.  You are just buttering them up.

Select one of the spots in Chapter 13, Real Person to have ready to play back in class (as with the chapters before, I do expect you to record ALL of the scripts and listen and critique them, but pick ONE for playback in class). We did the Flowers spot in class, so do not pick that one for playback in class.

The assignment is detailed on Page 20 of your workbook. Written and Recording assignments spelled out.


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