Find the Nouns – not the Pronouns!

Here is a free mini-lesson from Nancy Wolfson, Braintracks Audio – one of the top voiceover coaches in the biz. She really knows her stuff. This little snippets is about finding what is important in the copy – specifically the nouns and the verbs – NOT the pronouns.

We have talked about this in class – don’t stress the “you” and “your!” She calls it Uncle Samming. “We want YOU!”

Remember, in 99.9% of the cases, you are talking to one person when you read. People listen by themselves. They know we are talking to them. So in most cases, you don’t need to stress the YOU. All rules are meant to be broken, of course, but watch this little clip and you will get the big picture on pronouns.

Watch the introduction to the clip! She jumps around more than I do in class. See how she has people hold the script up over their heads, or lie down on the floor.  Parlor tricks – tricks that work – to get you out of your head so that your brain can do its magic.


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