So, You Want to be a Voice Over Talent?

Any voice actor who has any kind of web presence gets calls and emails from people wanting to “get into the business.” I have a saved note ready to go, but my friend Randye Kaye just posted a blog with something that I think I am going to point people toward the next time I get THE email or call.

Her article is short and to the point and covers 5 key things that a voice talent needs to be successful.

1 – A voice

2 – Reading Skills

3 – Acting skills

4 – Technique

5 – Business savvy and willingness

Click on this link to read the whole post.

For a companion piece to this – here is a link to a post I wrote called Tangible and Intangible Assets for the Voiceover Biz.

I want to elaborate a bit on her point 2 – Reading Skills. In addition to simply fluency – the ability to read a bunch of words without screwing up – you need to be able to read and UNDERSTAND.

We get so caught up in ourselves and what we are doing that sometimes we fail to actually read and understand the words in front of us. I have left auditions in the past and about half-way home I slap my forehead and remark – “Oh! That was what that spot was about!” By this time, too late to go back and ask if I could re-audition. It happens to all of us every once in a while, but in order for us to be good at this business, we must connect with the words mentally AND they need to flow off the tongue easily.

Good stuff Randye!


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