Extra Credit Assignment – Due Mon., Apr. 23, 2012

This is your last Extra Credit Assignment. Please refer to Page 25 of your Workbook for the actual script you will record. Please follow the directions on Page 22 for the Written Assignment.


Writers have something in mind when they create a spot. Since they are not always at a recording session, they only have the words and the way they are written on the page to communicate with you. The talent has to interpret the copy as close as possible to the way the writer and/or the producer are hearing it.

Look for the CLUES in the way the spot is written. Writers will underline, italicize, bold, enclose in “quotes”. They will start a new paragraph to indicate a new thought. They will use ellipses to try to communicate what they are hearing in their head. Learn to understand these hidden signals. They can help you understand what is expected, but not always! In this script, do not change any of the words – they are “correct.”

You must also not be locked into these markings. Your job is to find the ”right” read – the read that the producer likes the best. So make sure you understand the spot. Figure out what is REALLY going on. Then use or lose the markings. (Sometimes the writer has underlined the “wrong” words and you have to un-underline them in your head!)

Refer to page 22 for the Written Assignment.


In about one minute a jar full of “Cheese Whiz Processed Cheese Spread” in your microwave becomes a delicious cheese sauce — that’s ready to pour on your nachos and baked potatoes and vegetables and …

It’s easy!

It’s marvelous!

It only takes a minute.

Written Assignment Part 1

  1. Using the scripts in the workbook, highlight the copy points/key messages in a colored highlighter
  2. Using pencil – continue to develop you own personal markings to help you deliver the words the way you want them to be delivered
  3. Identify the Hero Client and/or Product
  4. Describe the Demographic.

Written Assignment – Part 2 – The Six W’s: be as detailed as possible.

  • Who are you? (What do you look like? What kind of clothes are you wearing? You may be close to you, but what shade of you?)
  • Who are you talking to? (ONE PERSON! Describe this person. Male or female? Young or old? Related to you? A peer? etc. The more you know who you are talking to, the more you know how to talk to them.)
  • Where are you? (this may or may not be related to the script.)
  • Why are you there? (It helps to know why you are talking)
  • What are you doing? (Try not to say that you are selling me the product. Find some sort of physical something that will help establish your character.)
  • When is the action taking place? (Don’t tell me Tuesday unless it is Super Tuesday. Or Saturday, unless it is your wedding day.)

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