Want Some Feedback on Your Delivery?

One of my go to websites for information about voiceovers is Edge Studio. They have lots of free resources for you, plus some great teleclasses at reasonable rates.

One of the most valuable of their offerings is the Voice Over Weekly Script Recording Contest. Even if you do not enter the contest – and I don’t suggest that until you have the capability of doing a clean recording – you will benefit from simply reading the directions and listening to the submissions. They select 3 submissions as the “winners’ each week and have a detailed explanation of what kept most of the rest of the submissions out of that winning list.

Great way to start hearing what is ready for prime time and what just isn’t quite good enough. Remember, you have to make this evaluation on your own each time you decide to hit the submit button on an audition.

So check it out…

Edge Studio’s Weekly Script Recording Contest!


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