Why Waiting to be Discovered Just Doesn’t Work

My dear friend Randye Kaye is an example of a triple threat. She is a great voice talent, a published author and now a wonderful public speaker. Actually, she is  more of a quadruple threat if you include her stage work.

She recently wrote an article published in VoiceOverXtra that is worth passing along.

In it she references the myth of “being discovered.” OK, once in a blue blue moon will someone actually be discovered. But then what?

What does it actually take to be successful at voiceover work? Randye talks about the layers needed here in this article. It is NOT just about your voice. If you have perused the archives here, this should not be new information, but sometimes it takes another way of saying it before it sinks in!

She expands on each of the following “layers” you need to make a career in VO.

1. Your Voice.

2. Reading Skills.

3. Acting Skills.

4. Technique.

5. Business and Technical Skills.

Read the whole article: http://www.voiceoverxtra.com/article.htm?id=kkkwf6s5


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