How NOT to Get the Work

My friend Dave Courvoisier is a prolific blogger, newsman and voice talent based in Las Vegas. He just posted something that clearly illustrates what is happening in the voiceover business these days. Far too many people are entering the business without a true idea of their own abilities, or what separates “good” from “not-as-good.”

This is the whole point of my class at San Diego City College…providing my students with the tools to do the critical self-evaluation needed to decide to spend the time and money pursuing voiceover work.

Anyway, Dave recounts a true auditioning story that illustrates what producers face now that online casting has moved into the mainstream. There are numerous online casting groups that allow anyone with $300 (or so) to buy a spot at the audition table and submit.

In this particular case – 400 auditions were submitted for 5 lines. Of those submitted, the producer found only 21 that were forwarded to the client for final decision.

Read this story! Understand how important it is to knowyourself and the business as a whole. It is not just about your voice. It never has been, but today – with the technology changing to the point where anyone with a microphone and a computer and a small wade of cash can jump in the pool with the pros – far too many people with no idea of what it really takes are trying to compete with no real chance of actually making it.

Here’s the story…


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