Homework for Wed, Sept 5, 2012

Four Homework items for Wednesday, September 5, 2012 – after the Labor Day holiday. (fixed to correct date error!)

1. Listen to TV Commercials and fill in the grid on page 10 of your workbook

2. Listen to Radio Commercials and fill in the grid on page 11 of your workbook

(If you do not have your workbook yet, please check both the Radio/TV and the Drama areas of the bookstore – there SHOULD be copies left)

3. First Choice Recorded Assignment – this assignment is detailed on pages 8 and 9 of your workbook. Please note the ONLY change to what is printed in your workbook is that you can select your commercial from both the Radio or the TV. The workbook only states TV – an editing error. You may select your spot from commercials on either the radio or the TV.

If you DO NOT have a workbook yet – and are unable to locate one in the bookstore, then please send me an email and I will personally send you those pages.

4. The last bit of homework is to Review Chapters 1-6 in your Textbook – There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is – and be prepared for a possible short quiz on the material. Do not sweat about this. Seriously. Don’t.


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