Homework for Wed, Sept 12, 2012

Reading Assignment: Read Chapter 10 in the textbook – aloud. Record the sample scripts – for your own practice (we will not be playing these back in class). Listen to what you did. Analyze your delivery. What worked best for you?

Recording Assignment: This is Page 16 of your workbook. (If you do not have a workbook yet, please let the people at the bookstore know and they will print up a new one for you.)

Radio Feed Back

Listen to the radio – focusing on the commercials – just listen for a while. Then start talking along with the voices on the spots. Then start your recorder and record this process.

You don’t have to do much else for this one except open your mouth and let the words you hear come tumbling out of your mouth.

It’ll be a bit disconcerting at first, but as you start to get familiar with the process, you should be able to start hearing several things – not only the voice on the spot and your own voice, but your sub-conscious brain should start analyzing as well.

You SHOULD end up speaking spontaneously on a sub-conscious level and perhaps, with practice, your conscious mind will start adjusting what is coming out of your mouth…shifting placement, inflection, pacing, attitude, etc.

Describe the results of this process in detail.

  1. How long did you spend doing this? You need to spend at LEAST 5 minutes in order to even begin to understand the concept.
  1. Were you able to hear both the radio voice and your own voice?
  1. Did it get easier with time?
  1. Were you able to hear when you were making adjustments in your delivery?
  1. Describe some specifics about your experience with this exercise.

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