Homework for Mon, Sept 17, 2012

Attention those of you who still do not have a workbook. Please respond to my email. If you have NOT gone to the back desk at the bookstore and ordered one, let me know. I will contact the bookstore and get this taken care of. In the meantime, here is the assignment.

You have a second chance to work on the Radio Feedback exercise. Turn that in on Monday.

Your recording assignment for Monday…

Commercials – Announcer

Chapter 11 in the book discusses Announcer copy. While this is one of the most traditional styles of script, the old-style hand over the ear announcer delivery is a thing of the past – and when used is almost always a parody. Announcer copy can be straight to crazy, but does not have personal pronouns (I, we, us). Think about the demographic – the audience – for the spot. Who would buy what this commercial is advertising? This should help you find an approach that would be appropriate for the audience.

Read the entire chapter – record ALL the sample scripts at least once. Then pick one to polish and have ready for playback in class. Pick a spot that is suited to your voice. This is part of your job – to know where you do your best.

This chapter has a lot of variety in styles of copy – Retail, Imaging, Promos, Food, Movie Trailer, PSA, Products, etc. And lots of different styles of delivery – traditional announcer, conversational, comedic, tongue-in-cheek, etc.

Again – you need to know what you do best so that you can be sure you are delivering reads that get the producer’s attention.

*** You will now have written work in addition to the recorded spot as we move through the semester – please read the writing assignments carefully. ***

Writing Assignment:

  1. Transcribe the spot you select to read onto a separate piece of paper – please remember to double space so that you can mark the copy. Use a computer!
  2. Using pencil – begin to develop you own personal markings to help you deliver the words the way you want them to be delivered (we will go over this in class).
  3. Using a highlighter, please identify the Key Messages/Copy Points (what are the important words and phrases?
  4. Identify the Hero Product / Client (what are you selling?)
  5. Describe the Demographic – who would be buying this product. It is important to know the general kind of person you are speaking to. This will help you find a style of delivery that would be appropriate. (And the next writing assignment will develop this general demographic into a specific person.)

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