Homework for Monday, Oct 1, 2012

October!? Yikes.

OK, Homework for Monday – you got this information in class and everyone should have a workbook by now, so if you DO NOT have a workbook and need more information on this homework, please email me. Not having the assignment is not my fault at this point.

Read all of Chapter 13 in your text – recording as you go – and then pick ONE spot that you think your voice is suited for and work on that one for playback in class – as well as for the Written Part of the Assignment. See your Workbook – Page 20 for details on this assignment.

In class I told you which spots NOT to do for playback. Those are:

  • Flowers – we did that in class.
  • Anti-Smoking PSA – too short

Note that there are TYPOS in the scripts in the book – whether this was intentional or a test – I don’t know. But treat it like a test. You should be able to figure out what it is supposed to be when you run across a typo.



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