Extra Credit Assignment – Due Wed, Oct 10, 2012 – Worth 1 Point

This assignment is due Wednesday, October 10.

The instructions are on Page 22 of your Workbook. Do NOT tear this page out and use it for this assignment because it is to be used for two other extra credit assignments. Just follow the instructions and write any answers on the specific page with the scripts – starting with Page 23 …


Read the copy carefully! Writers are human and a mistake may have been made while typing the copy. A word may be missing – or the wrong word may have been typed. If something doesn’t seem “right” to you — ask! If it is “right” — maybe they can explain it so that it makes sense to you. It may be wrong and then corrections can be made.

Sometimes you are tempted to embellish the copy by adding a word or two. If the spot is very conversational, this may be OK. Remember though, that in many cases the copy has been “approved” by a dozen people before you ever see it. Check with the producer to see if it is OK to ad lib.

Refer to page 22 for the Written Assignment. Also – there is a mistake in this spot – a word is missing. Please see if you can make a suggestion as to what the missing word might be – or suggest a solution. Simply write in your “fix” before you record the script. I want to see what you came up with, so be sure that it is clearly written here on the script.


You know, it takes a lot of thought to choose just the right

gift for someone. That’s when you do find it, it’s nice to wrap

it in something special.

Well, now Hallmark has all sorts of ways to help you

personalize your gift wrap — just like your gifts.


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