Homework for Mon Oct 22, 2012

The rest of the week got away from me! Here is your homework for Monday, October 22, 2012.

From the Textbook, “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is,” refer to Chapter 14. Read the scripts aloud – record as you go along, critique yourself and select the one you want to have reviewed in class to study closer and record for playback. You need to do the written assignment on Page 29 of the Workbook as part of this assignment.

Since you all have the workbook now, I should not have to recreate the entire assignment here. It is very clearly spelled out in the workbook.

We will finish up the toaster copy first on Monday, then move on to this assignment.

As you probably noticed, not everyone is cut out to do characters at such a level where I would suggest they get out of Dodge and head to Hollywood – but for those who still feel like they can’t do any characters – that just isn’t true. You have a character(s) in there – you need to let it out. Think about when you  are telling a story that involves relating something that someone else said. We ALL slip into a different “character” when we do it. We change our pitch or cadence or attitude – we move away from our normal voices. Again, this is where recording a conversation might help – or trying those exercises to help you simply let sounds go in your ear and out your mouth.

Have fun with this exercise and don’t be afraid to let your goofiness out.


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