Extra Credit Assignment Due Oct. 24, 2012

Please refer to page 22 of your Workbook for the written assignment for this extra credit exercise. The script you will use is on Page 24 of the Workbook. This is worth one point and will only be accepted on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

Additionally, please start listening and critiquing Documentaries, Communications/Training/Marketing (websites, other non-broadcast) and Voicemail/IVR work. There are 3 grids in your Workbook that offer more information about these areas of voiceover. Look in the Index for the pages in question.

I have not assigned a due date for any of these grids yet, but please look at them so that as you are listening to these types of voiceover work, you are able to do an effective critique.

Remember to bring in a main stream magazine with lots of print ads – you will get 1 point of extra credit for bringing in a magazine. One point max – but more than one magazine is welcome.



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