Homework for Mon, Nov 5, 2012

This is your Mid-Term “exam” and covers a lot of what we have been working on the past several weeks and also provides some prep for your final project.

Mid-Term Assignment

Create a script for a radio or TV spot – 25 to 55 seconds in length. Create one using an ad from a magazine that you have reviewed and possibly rewritten for the ear. Do not create a spot from scratch this time – or transcribe from radio or TV.

Find ad copy that you think your voice is suited for. You may do a character read if you think that is your strongest area, but overall, it must be something that is within the realm of possibility of actually being produced for broadcast. And remember – knowing where you fit is part of your job as a voiceover person.

Written Assignment:

Part I: This is slightly expanded from what we have been doing.

  • Identify the Hero Product and/or Hero Client
  • POV (Point of View) – tell me if this is an Announcer spot, a Spokesperson spot (Boss, Employee or Customer?), or a Real-Person spot
  • Attitude – this is new – what sort of approach would work for this spot – warm, edgy, straightforward, traditional announcer, goofy, energetic, etc.?
  • Extras – this also is new – you need to start thinking like a producer. If you “hear” music or sound effects (SFX) with the read, please tell me what kind of music and describe the SFX. (NOTE! DO NOT ADD MUSIC OR SFX TO YOUR RECORDING! This is an acting class, not a production class.)

Part II: Develop the 6 W’s – refer to earlier assignments or the blog for details on how to do this if you have forgotten. Follow the format so that I can quickly scan your work and figure out what you are describing.

Part III: On a clean copy of the script you have either transcribed or written, please mark the script (in pencil). And also HIGHLIGHT the key messages/copy points in yellow, blue or whatever color highlighter you have.

Recording Assignment: Record your voice reading this spot and have it ready for playback when you are called in class. Again, voice only! This is not a production class.


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