Homework for Mon., Nov 26, 2012

Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving break.

Be sure to be ready for your private meetings on Monday, November 26, 2012. Sign up on the board, so that you know when it is your turn to show me your 12 suggested ads (either from magazine ads, transcribed from radio or TV, or perhaps some you have written). If you have written or transcribe, then I will need to see the script, but if it is an ad from a magazine, you don’t have to have the spot written completely. Just how you intend to approach the copy. We will down select to 6 that you will use for your Final Project. Remember, you are looking for material that would be right for YOU.

The key to this exercise is to find VARIETY in product/subject, pacing, attitude, point of view, and the extras that could be used to produce a finished spot. Put on your producer hat to imagine what the finished spot would sound/look like.

Please refer to Page 34 of your Workbook for the details on this assignment.


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