Extra Credit for Wednesday, Nov., 28, 2012

I have mixed feelings about our private meetings last night. Those of you who were there really did pretty well on you selections. Good job on that. Some misunderstanding of Point of View. While there are soft lines between the various types of points of view – the biggest line is selling and telling. Real People don’t sell, so the copy won’t be filled with copy points. But you can have a “conversational” delivery of selling information – and in fact this is the biggest direction you will get these days – don’t sound like an announcer – even though the script is a selling announcer type script.

For those of you who were NOT in class last night. Seriously, this is disturbing. You have had nearly 2-weeks off – and yet, you don’t take this seriously enough to come to class? If you were not in class, please contact me to arrange for time to down-select during office hours before class.

Your Homework for Wednesday, November 28, 2012 is Extra Credit – if you need it. Page 25 of your Workbook.


Writers have something in mind when they create a spot. Since they are not always at a recording session, they only have the words and the way they are written on the page to communicate with you. The talent has to interpret the copy as close as possible to the way the writer and/or the producer are hearing it.

Look for the CLUES in the way the spot is written. Writers will underline, italicize, bold, enclose in “quotes”. They will start a new paragraph to indicate a new thought. They will use ellipses to try to communicate what they are hearing in their head. Learn to understand these hidden signals. They can help you understand what is expected, but not always! In this script, do not change any of the words – they are “correct.”

You must also not be locked into these markings. Your job is to find the ”right” read – the read that the producer likes the best. So make sure you understand the spot. Figure out what is REALLY going on. Then use or lose the markings. (Sometimes the writer has underlined the “wrong” words and you have to un-underline them in your head!)

Refer to page 22 for the Written Assignment.


In about one minute a jar full of “Cheese Whiz Processed Cheese Spread” in your microwave becomes a delicious cheese sauce — that’s ready to pour on your nachos and baked potatoes and vegetables and …

It’s easy!

It’s marvelous!

It only takes a minute.


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