A Newbie’s Journey

I was browsing around some of the voiceover social media sites and found a link to this new blog by a guy trying to break into voiceovers. He has actually gotten to the point of doing some actual work, but does he have the potential to actually make a living? While predicting the future is not my forte, I would say that he has a long road ahead of him to be able to pay his bills doing VO.


After you read the blog, take a look around the rest of his website.  Listen to the demos he has posted. Read what he has written about himself. There is self-deprecating humor – is that a good thing? Not at this point – the demos simply don’t live up to the hype at this point in time.

I find the inclusion of the newbie blog on his regular site a bit odd in that this story might not instill confidence in a prospective client.  But he mentions my friend Peter O’Connell in his blog, so perhaps he will be able to channel some of Peter’s incredible marketing and style.

But, even if he is not yet hearing that his commercial work is not quite ready for prime time, his blog is worth the read for those at the just thinking about doing this stage.


One thought on “A Newbie’s Journey

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