Homework for Wed, Mar 13, 2013

Here are the 5 pictures from which to choose for your assignment for Wednesday. Refer to Pages 26 and 27 of your workbook for the detailed Character Development Questions. As we discussed in class, please fill them out with descriptive words that will allow you to bring the voices to your mind.

Dog       Hamster    Lion  Musician       Cat

Page 28 of the Workbook has the REST of the Assignment…

There are TWO Recording Assignments – The first is just for you to help develop the initial character from one of these pictures. The other Recording Assignment is in the Textbook. Please read the instructions on Page 28 of the Workbook carefully. This may SEEM complicated, but it really isn’t.

There are TWO Writing Assignments – The first is the Character Breakdown as described above. The second is to develop the 6 W’s for the other Recording Assignment. Again, all of this is spelled out clearly in the Workbook on Page 28.

The Listening Assignment – Start listening to cartoons (both for grown-ups and for children), animated features, even video games with animated characters. There is a grid to be filled out and turned in – Page 12 of your Workbook. But the date for turning this in has NOT been assigned yet.


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