Homework for Mon, Mar 18, 2013

Be ready for this IF we get to it. I think we may not get to it on Monday due to the fact that we still have a lot to get to from the last assignment, BUT be ready in case we do.

Character Pick

Chapter 14 focuses on Character spots. Think back to what we learned earlier in the semester about Announcer, Spokesperson and Real Person reads. You will need to think about this as you figure out an approach to reading the copy, but this time compounded by adding a true “character” to the read. You will use the Six W’s here as well after your character is built.

NOTE: Dietfull and Elizabethan Faire may be more like :45 seconds instead of :30.

The complete assignment is on Page 29 of your Workbook. (Please read the instructions carefully. How many of you remember the old “test” that starts out with the line – “Read everything on this page first before starting the test.” Or something like that. And then way down on the bottom of the page, it says. “Don’t do anything on this page, except for the following. Put your name on the top of the page and turn it in.” Or something like that. Most people start answering the questions. They bark. They stand up and turn around. They fill in the blanks…

So, please read the assignment. I know you can read. I just know it!

Continue watching cartoons and fill out the grid for at least 5 characters! The Cartoon Grid is on Page 12 of your Workbook. 

This grid will be due when we get back from the break – April 1, 2013.


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