Homework for Wed, Apr 10, 2013

As we discussed in class, probably your biggest source of potential jobs is in the non-commercial areas (see Chapter 16 in your Textbook).

We concentrated on commercials the first part of the semester because they are the most easily accessed, and they have a full range of attitudes, emotions, delivery styles and characters.

But you probably have more opportunities for actual work in these other areas of voiceover.

Listening Exercises – DUE Monday April 15, 2013

You have 3 Grids to fill out and turn in. Documentaries on Page 13 of your Workbook. Marketing / Training / Communication on Page 14. And Voice Mail / IVR / System Prompts on Page 15. Keep listening to Documentaries, find other examples of marketing, information, training, etc. media pieces to evaluate. And call up various companies to listen to their voicemail announcements and interactive voice response systems. Some of these will be done by employees, some will be done by professionals.

Recording Exercise – DUE Wednesday, April 10, 2013 (please note that the 19th date previously here was a typo)

Please refer to Page 31 in your Workbook for complete instructions. Basically, you are reading ALL of the examples in Chapter 16 of the Textbook…just as you have been doing for all the rest of the chapters. Read each one aloud, record it, play it back, analyze it – THEN decide which of the scripts you think your voice is most suited for and prepare THAT script for playback in class – along with completing the Written part – which is detailed on Page 31 of the Workbook.

Written Exercise – DUE Wednesday, April 10, 2013 (please note that the 19th date previously here was a typo)

This is what I just referred to in the previous paragraph. As described on Page 31 in the Workbook, you have two parts to the written homework that goes along with your recorded homework.


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