Homework for Mon, May 13, 2013

Other than your final project – this is the last for credit assignment this semester…please turn it in on Monday, May, 13, 2013

Fill out the last page of your Workbook – the Self-Evaluation. Yes, some of the questions may seem a little snarky, but they are intended to get you to reflect on all the self-evaluation work we did over the semester. You need to know where/if you fit into any area of voiceover work where people pay money for voices. You need to know how you compare to the people who are actually getting the jobs. You need to establish this baseline understanding and evaluate your potential for improvement.

You need to understand that this is a free lance business and whether or not you have the mind set to be an independent business person. So, please think about your answers – and also consider the other areas of this business – other than the voiceover acting – where you might find a better fit.


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