Mike Rowe isn’t the only talent to use that ear prompter technique

A few days ago, I posted a video of Mike Rowe listening to a scratch track in order to record a complicated script that would have been hard to read off the page due to the mark-ups and obscure verbiage. As I mentioned I use an ear prompter when doing on-camera spokesperson work, and occasionally use the technique for voiceover work when matching times is important.

This video is about a legally blind voiceover guy, Peter Gustin, who uses text to speech generated voice in order to “read” his scripts. The point of the video is really about not giving up and spending the time to perfect your skills (does it really take 10,000 hours?), but it is also very interesting to peek behind the scenes to see how people work.


About that 10,000 hours thing. If you spend 10,000 hours practicing something wrong, then you will NOT get better, so spend the time to really listen and hone your ear to be able to tell when something is good or not-as-good and when what you are doing is getting better.


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