Homework for Wed, Sept 4, 2013

Your first recording assignment!

The assignment is detailed on pages 8 and 9 of your Workbook. I am including only PART of the assignment here on the blog. You should have the Workbook by now. If you do not have the Workbook yet, please get it before the weekend.

Read the Script of Your Choice

This exercise will help you understand if you are hearing your own “voice” and have at least a little understanding of where it might fit.

Record a few commercial breaks off the radio or TV – either using a video or audio recorder. You need about 4 to 8 minutes of commercials so that you can find one that seems “right” for your voice. Pick something with a voiceover part of between 30 and 60 seconds. (20 seconds at the LEAST)

What you are trying to get is the audio from a bunch of commercials from which you will pick one to transcribe. That’s why you need to record the commercials – on an audio or video format. You need to be able to play the one you select over and over until you get the words written down correctly. (Even when you think it is correct, there may be mistakes in the script you type out, so be sure to read it aloud before you record it for “real” to be sure that your script is accurate.)

Select one spot from what you have recorded for which you think your voice might be suited. Pick a fairly straight forward spot. Do not go for a broad character for this exercise. Also, be aware that while this is a subjective business, some products are more likely to be voiced by one gender or the other. BUT, if you are a male, this doesn’t necessarily eliminate spots that were voiced by females, or vice versa.

****What spot you pick will say a lot about how you hear your own voice and capabilities – which is part of the goal of this class.****

OK, the rest of the assignment is in your Workbook and includes instructions on how to record, how many times to record and a bunch of questions to answer! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.


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