Tips on How to Sound REAL (from my friend DB Cooper)

As you start to learn more about the voiceover business – the different kinds of work available – and the different styles of delivery expected, you will quickly understand that there are some extreme differences in the way scripts are to be read. Straight announcing is much different from video game character reads.

While some of the tips in this article by my friend DB Cooper will not work for delivering most announcer copy, it will help you for Real Person reads, “testimonial” style reads, and character reads (as well as video games, of course!).


DB is a well-respected voice actor with a wide range of experience that includes straight announcing to action-packed video games. She is a fabulous teacher and can help you learn to punch and be punched without actually being punched.

In this article just published on, DB provides some great tips on how to Sound Real!

People need to believe that you are simply telling them a story. That you are reacting in a truthful way to a situation. That you are engaged in an actual conversation – whether or not you hear the other side of the conversation.

So, take a few minutes and get a few ideas from this talented video game director.


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